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As Fly fishermen here in south Florida we are very blessed to have a true brick and mortar business like the Ole Florida Fly Shop to outfit our fly fishing passion. I have a special place in my heart for this shop. Back in the mid 90's I purchased my first saltwater fly outfit from here. Being in my 20's I had a net worth of maybe $650.00 and I remember plucking down nearly that much for a Diamondback 9'6 8 weight fly rod and a standard arbor Lamson lp 3.5 fly reel, fly line, backing, leaders, flies and more. Today, the tackle has changed for the better and there is way more options and specialty gear for us as fly fisherman. Ole Florida can outfit you from salt to fresh, from tarpon to finicky brown trout, from the Florida Everglades to New Zealand and more. they stock it! But lets be clear, it's true DNA is a full service salt water fly shop and they have a hardcore staff of guides and anglers to prove it. Support your local businesses and especially if its a fly shop! 

All the best, Capt. MArk Giacobba

Ole Florida Fly Shop

6353 N Federal Hwy 

Boca Raton, FL 33487

(561) 995-1929

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